What Really Happens in Gaza and the West Bank

On Sunday 24, it became known that Keith Dayton and Jacob Wallace, the US Consul General in Jerusalem, are dictating the “security policy” for Palestine. Several meeting were held between the PA president Abass, the American envoys, and Palestinian General Abdel Razeq Al-Yehyah. This can only mean that a disaster is coming and that huge lists with names of persons to be killed or detained in the West Bank will passed by the Americans to the PA.

The publication of the meeting with the Americans in the Palestinian media generated a huge wave of hate toward the US as well as huge anger against the PA. The Palestinian public is against the interference of US in the Palestinian internal and security affairs. “We hate the US as they are the strongest alley of Israeli occupation, the Americans will never bring us the justice and peace, they just want to create a CIA puppet body in our land”, is what the Palestinian public says.

American training camp for death squads near Jericho (Pic Credit: ?)

The US offered their help Abbas’ troops since October 2006. They built a military training camp near Jericho, and American officers trained Abbas troops in this camp. Since then, an increasing wave of anger against the US started, together with massive troubles between the two biggest parties Fatah and Hamas. The majority of Palestinians express their sympathy with Hamas as they are the legitimate government. The Palestinians will never support the US puppets at the PA, even if the US builds a palace for each Palestinian or even if they live under the international siege and starvation for the rest of their lives. These are the Palestinians, and they will be for ever like that.

In the West Bank, and since the press conference Khalil El-Hayyeh, the Hamas speaker hold in Gaza, the main talk of Palestinians in public is around the documents which Hamas found at the various PA compound, the sophisticated American spying equipment, and the recordings on memory devices (“chips”) which show that the “Alternative Security” and the Intelligence system of the PA were spying not only on persons in Palestine with political views different from theirs, but that they were also spying on President Abbas and former President Arafat and their staffs, and on religious, military and political leaders of other Arab countries as well. Also, lists with names of people and orders to kill them were reportedly found.

the master of the universe, and Mofaz, his master (Pic Credit: ?)

The Palestinians wonder if there are real documents. Even in Israel there is talk about this subject: the Israeli intelligence is worried that a scandal could soon break out if Hamas published these documents. According to Hamas, in these documents several cases of sexual entrapment of well-known and politically independent persons are described: they were involved in “immoral activities”. According to Hamas, two ministers and several lawyers were filmed in sexually compromising scenes by the PA in order to damage their reputations and their viability as prospective leaders. According to former Interior Minister Said Seyyam, the Palestinian security systems brought political leaders, directors of social institutions and lawyers to certain houses in Gaza were they had installed secret cameras and engaged prostitutes. These leaders were filmed with the prostitutes in compromising situations. These people were then coerced by the PA security systems and threatened to expose them if they did not pay money. Some of them paid thousands of dollars in order to hide the scandal. Former minister Seyyam said that the PA had used the same methods as the occupation.

Sharm El-Sheikh, Shalit and Johnston

The Palestinians are interested in seeing the abandoned documents of the PA. The Palestinians are not interested about the summit at Sharm al-Sheikh between Abbas, Olmert, Mubarak and Jordan's King Abdullah II. They know that they were sold out, and that Israel will never fulfill any Palestinian demands in this summit, that they will not stop building the wall, that they will not stop building illegal Jewish settlements on the Palestinian land and they will not stop demolishing Palestinians homes, that the offer to Abbas about releasing 250 the prisoners was ultimately a scam … Hamas on their part released a video of Gilad Shalit in order to cloud the athmosphere at Sharm El-Sheikh and to incite the Israeli public against the Olmert regime. And regarding journalist Johnston, there are allegations that Hamas want to free him, but Fatah/PA want to hinder his liberation and are giving the kidnappers weapons, as they don’t want Hamas to make any political points, and ultimately want to use Johnston for their own political purposes.

Perhaps the Israelis will offer to remove some checkpoints, but we have thousands of Israeli checkpoints in and between Palestinians cities, so this will not change the situation either. In one street, Al-Shuhada street in Hebron, there are over 50 Israeli checkpoints, and removing one or two will not change anything. It is the same in all the West Bank. The Jewish Prime Minister Olmert did not even give back the US$ 700 million PA tax money stolen by Israel. He gave back only half of that, about the rest he wants to “negotiate”, adducing that the other half was “frozen by a court decision”.

Security Coordination

According to Ynet News, Olmert will offer Abbas 60 Russian tanks to face the Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. This could be the only achievement in the summit. The two Presidents will also exchange lists with the names of wanted people, this is called “security coordination”, what means spying. This is the only article left standing from Oslo “agreements”. In this way the PA will catch the people wanted by Israel and jail them. After that, and this is expected, the Israelis will break into the Palestinian cities where the PA has rounded up the wanted people for them, and they will kidnap all of them just like before, when the Israelis broke into Jericho and ordered Palestinian militants to strip their pants and to go out naked, and then kidnapped all of them. This also happened in Ramallah at the beginning of the Intifada. Under the new “security coordination”, Olmert will take the responsibility of assassinating leaders of Hamas.

This woman expresses the true feelings of sold-out Palestinians (Pic Credit: Jalal Al-Rifaii)

Yesterday, Olmert offered Abbas to release 250 Fatah prisoners, but after he had asked his cabinet for approval. Olmert said that the 250 Fatah prisoners who would be released should have their hands “clean of blood”. Olmert did not, however, announce that Israel would remove checkpoints in the West Bank. This step is halted due to IDF objections, who don’t want Olmert to interfere in their operations, like breaking into Palestinian cities, assassinating and murdering unarmed Palestinians.

PA and Hamas: Mutuals Insults

All Palestinians know that Abbas-Olmert-Mubarak and King Abdullah II of Jordan called their “summit” in order to discuss how to destroy Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank. These four leaders will discuss how to help Abbas to crush Hamas in the West Bank, how to assassinate and arrest them. During the last day the PA has arrested 17 leaders of Hamas from the West Bank. What ever happens at Sharm Al-Sheikh is not important to Palestinians, who are not interested in hearing about the predictable outcomes of the show. What is of more interest to Palestinians following the news is the level of discourse between Hamas and Fatah, which has degraded to the level of uneducated street thugs in recent days, the parties insulting each other as “bald” or “mongolic”

The PA officials are scared of what Hamas found in Gaza. Tawfik Tirawi of the PA held a conference in Ramallah where he responded to Hamas allegations. He was not able to give objective answers. He denied that Fatah had killed Hamas members in the West Bank, and instead he claimed that they were killed by other members of Hamas. He then warned that Hamas militants were hoarding weapons in the West Bank and might try to target Palestinian government installations there (“Believe me, it’s my say-so as PA spy”). Tirawi himself knows what he left behind him in Gaza and because of that he was scared. Al-Tirawi is one of the most disgusting and corrupt PA officials who lead the intelligence system in Gaza.

Last weekend President Abbas rewarded the thief and the murderer Abu-Shibak with the post of ambassador to Egypt, after Abu-Shibak stole Palestinian government funds and bunkered them there. He instead punished Colonel Suleiman Khader and degraded him from colonel to simple soldier. Khader was the only officer who stayed in Gaza during the clashes with Hamas, while the officers above him ran out away. Abbas accused Khader of not protecting the PA military compounds in Gaza. This is a big farce. Everybody knows that Abu-Shibak, Dahlan and Al-Mishharawi have own business interests in Egypt, they have their prosperity there and they are loyalty to the Egyptian government.

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Translation of a Palestinian Torture Video

The US financed the Palestinian Presidential Forces under control of Mahmoud Abbas with eighty million dollars. Not only that, but the war criminal of US General Keith Dayton also organize the training of these Palestinian troops. And beyond that, the European Union is financing the PA and paying part of the salaries of these troops.

The images in the following video, which was released to the Internet some time ago and whose translation I am presenting to the world, will show you the well-trained Fatah-PA troops. The way in which they torture their Palestinian prisoners shows the great achievements of the training given to these PA thugs by the USA. The Palestinian Authority forces seen in the video torturing the prisoners are from the death squads controlled by Mohammad Dahlan. The victims seen in the video are Palestinians, one of the prisoners wears a t-shirt with the legend of the ‘Executive Forces”, a Hamas unit under control of the Interior Ministry. The video is a direct consequence of the foreign policy of the USA and EU. It was subsidized with tax money from all these countries.

I am posting the translation of this Video from Gaza under the PA with deep sorrow and bitterness. I felt disgust while translating the horrible dialogues between the Palestinian jailers and their Palestinian victims, which shows the big danger to all Palestinians coming from the PA security system. The video shows some Palestinian prisoners caught by Muhammad Dahlan’s death squads. They are moaning of pain because of the torture inflicted on them, and all the while they are forced to recite denigrating chants for Muhammad Dahlan and Fatah. There is no different between these images of torture by Palestinian jailers and the images of torture by the American occupation for the Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. The only difference is that the torture at Abu Ghraib was done by the American occupation, but in Gaza both jailers and prisoners were, and are, Palestinians.

I felt shame while translating this video, I even felt shame to be a Palestinian. My shame is not because of my Palestinian roots, but to be identified as a Palestinian and to know that there are monsters capable of such inhuman acts, like Muhammad Dahlan, like the jailers in the video and like the corrupted systems of the PA, who also call themselves Palestinians.

I translated the video because I am sure that most foreigners who see the video do not understand the whole story behind it, and I also found some mistakes in the attribution of this video on other websites. I also made this translation to ask the International Community, Governments, the UN General Council and Human Rights organizations to fulfill their duties and end the tragedy unfolding under the forces of the PA and establish an investigative body with the authority to trial and jail the Palestinian criminal Muhammad Dahlan and his troops. I also read that the US government is making pressure on President Abbas to give Dahlan power to control all the PA security systems, ignoring the will of the majority of Palestinians, who want him submitted to a revolutionary trial as a criminal and traitor.

I have always criticized the State of Israel, and I will criticize them until the occupation of my homeland Palestine ends, but I never imagined that I would criticize my own people for doing the horrible things which are done to everybody in Israeli jails. I never thought that I would see this kind of thing done by Palestinian jailers. It was not my wish to translate and to post this video, but I am obliged to do so after seeing the level of savagery and to which the conditions in my homeland have deteriorated.

The following videoclip shows scenes of real torture, and should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be watched by minors or by sick or impressionable persons. Discretion is advised before you press on the PLAY button.

UPDATE: The original copy at YouTube was suppressed, the copy at LiveLeak was manipulated. Past attempts to suppress this video due to its damaging nature for the PA have been reported. In case it is removed by these services, I will make other copies available.

The first scene shows a pointed metal stick pushed into a prisoner’s spine, the prisoner is groaning of the pain, asking the jailer for mercy. Then we hear the jailer asking the prisoners “Who is your master ?” and all the prisoners answer together “Samih”. The full name of “Samih” is Samih Al Madhoun, head of Muhammad Dahlan’s death squads in Gaza. He kidnapped these prisoners and he is perhaps the person who is torturing the prisoners in this video. Samih Al Madhoun was killed on last June 14 ago when he was trying to escape from Gaza via the sea: he was chased down after he murdered somebody at the border on his way out.

The next scene shows how somebody with military boots steps on the chest and stomach of a prisoner and beats him with long lash, all the while and asking the prisoner “Who is your master ?” and ordering him to answers “Samih”. All the prisoners shout and moan of pain while repeating chants of victory for Samih, as demanded by the torturers. In these chants, the prisoners insult themselves and express their “admiration” and fear of Samih.

One of the prisoners wears a black shirt with the logo of the “Executive Forces”, what means that this prisoner was a Hamas member. This prisoner is tortured very seriously, the jailer all the time asks him: “Who is the dog, what’s written on your shirt? Who is the dog who gave you this shirt?” - the prisoner is forced to answer that the dog is Said Siyam (the former minister for interior and security from Hamas). After that, the jailer repeats the same question again and again with his jackboot on the prisoner chest, while the prisoner groans of pain and repeats the same answer to his jailer, again and again. The jailer beats the prisoner on his neck with the long lash. The prisoner cries and screams of pain while answering “Said Siyam is the dog”.

All the other prisoners in the same room scream together and repeat that “Samih” is the hero, “Samih, Samih … !”. In the scene, the jailer orders all to sing, all the while beating them. A prisoner sings: “Oh mother, the beautiful youth has departed from me and disappeared …” (Arabic: "Yamma Rahal Anni Zeen Al-Shabab we gab").

Another prisoner screams while the jailer beats him. I hear him groaning and asking the jailer for the mercy of God and saying. “I didn’t say that, I swear in the name of my God that I didn’t say that”. All the while, the loud blows of the lash on the body of the prisoners can be heard.

In another scene the jailer in military uniform is seen stepping on the prisoner’s chest and asking him “Who is your Master ?”. The answer is “Samih”. Another question: “Who is the dog ?”. The answer is “Walid”, after which the jailer beats the prisoner and orders him to say that the full name of the “dog” is Walid Al-Shaqrah. The prisoner repeats, “Walid Al-Shaqrah !”. Another question by the jailer: “Who is the person you worked with and whose sister is a whore and fucks around ?” The prisoner answers: “Walid Al-Shaqrah !” (Walid Al-Shaqrah is one of the officers of the “Executive Forces” of Hamas).

The groans of pain of the prisoners become louder and louder while the jailers beat them and order them to sing for Fatah: “Fatah is the mother of the people (nation), keep your Fatah flag raised, the victory is for Fatah”. The prisoners repeat this loudly several times, “Fatah is the mother of the people (nation), keep your Fatah flag raised, the victory is for Fatah” (Arabic: “Fatah ya um al-jamaher, khalli raitek marfoa, mansorah ya fatah mansorah !").

After that the jailers beat all the prisoners and order them to sing for Abu Fadhi (Muhammad Dahlan, who has a son called Fadhi): “Abu Fadhi is our Master, Abu Fadi is our darling, with our spirits and our blood, we will sacrifice for Dahlan !” (Arabic: “Abu Fadhi Sayyedna, Abu Fadi Habibna, bel-roh bel-dam nefdik ya Dahlan !”). This chant is repeated many times by the prisoners. After this, the jailer orders them to chant: “Abu Fadhi is the master of the creation, Abu Fadhi is the Master of the universe. Our God has placed Abu Fadhi over the whole Universe !” (Arabic: “Abu Fadhi sayed al-kon, Abu Fadhi hattoh rabna (Allah) fok al-kon !”). These chants are repeated several times under the blows from the jailers.

Muhammad Dahlan, Master of the Universe

After that, the jailer orders the prisoners to sing another song for Muhammad Dahlan: “Abu Fadhi is our darling, Abu Fadhi is our darling. Go and destroy Tel Aviv, go and destroy Tel Aviv !”. (Arabic: “Abu Fadhi ya habib, Abu Fadhi ya habib, roh damer Tel Abib, roh damer Tel Abib !”). This is also repeated several times under the blows from the jailers, who then order them to sing: “Walid Al-Shakrah is coward, and a mercenary for Iran !” (Arabic “Walid Al-Shakrah ya jaban, ya amel la Iran !”). This song is also repeated by the prisoners. Then the jailer orders them to repeatedly sing “Hamas Shia, Hamas Shia … Walid coward … ” (Hamas is Sunni, as are most Palestinians). During all of this the prisoners are cuffed kneeling on the floor, their eyes are covered, and they are continuously being beaten by the jailers.

I have never seen this kind of torture, but I often heard that something like what is seen in this video happens all in the Israeli jails. Only once I saw something similar: The Israeli Border Police detained over 24 Palestinian and they were all ordered to sing a childish song: “Hoto Al-Humos Ala El Fol, ana Baheb Le-Shmark Fol”, after what the Border Police forced these Palestinian detainees to drink their urine (Hebrew). Some of these youths vomited, one of them was transferred to the hospital after this incident.

The revenge of Hamas for atrocities like those seen in the video were horrible as well. People from Fatah were lynched, thrown from buildings, some people were followed into hospitals and shot, and the people who were waiting at the Erez checkpoint and finally brought to Egypt last week by the Israelis were family of torturers and death squads members from the Fatah, who could only expect to be killed in Gaza and the West Bank because of the crimes of their relatives.

On behalf of Palestinians I want say that we do not want to see Muhammad Dahlan in any post of government with President Abbas. This kind of treatment was what caused the anger to explode in Gaza and Hamas to win the elections by such a wide margin. The persons responsible for these atrocities must be punished, as they brought disaster to Gaza. We urgently ask that Dahlan be tried and punished for his criminal behavior. We ask the International Community to force the PA to punish Muhammad Dahlan and others for crimes against humanity, together with the Israeli Army officers who implement the occupation. I hope that this clip will help my readers, most of whom are from the USA and Europe, to understand the true nature of the foreign policy which your governments pursue.

The European Union must stop their direct support for the Palestinian security forces, copying the disgusting behavior of the Americans will ultimately be against the best interest of all Europeans. They must stop their support for the death squads within the Palestinian security systems until they change their behavior. It is a shame that the European Union keeps supporting the violation of prisoner rights and outright torture under the PA authority by way of financing and building up a corrupt military system. Instead of these thugs, the support must go to the starved people in Palestine.

The video which I translate and comment here is just one piece in a growing collection of material evidence and documents which have been found in buildings abandoned by the Fatah in Gaza. As horrible as it is, it may be considered one of the “softer” torture videos found. And there are many other interesting things found by Hamas during the last days. In a press conference given in Gaza on Friday 22 by the Hamas press speaker, Khalil El-Hayyeh, details of the spying activities of the Fatah in behalf of Israel and the USA were made public. Hamas found sophisticated American spying equipment, and recordings on memory devices (“chips”) show that the “Alternative Security” and the Intelligence system of the PA were spying not only on persons in Palestine with political views different from theirs, but that they were also spying on President Abbas and former President Arafat and their staffs, on religious, military and political leaders of other Arab countries as well. Also, lists with names of people and orders to kill them or pass their personal details to Israel so the Israelis could kill them were found. Also, documents were found which show that well-known and politically independent persons were involved in “immoral activities” (possibly sexual entrapment) by the PA in order to damage their reputations and their viability as prospective leaders.

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Who won Gaza: Dahlan-US-Israel or Hamas ?

Did Hamas win Gaza, or have Dahlan-PA-US-Israel implemented a plan conceived in conspiracy? Did Dahlan-PA-Fatah mislead the nearby countries and the European Union and loot millions of dollars under the cover of building illusory military system in Gaza? Did Hamas really defeat the Fatah-PA in Gaza, or did the PA leaders leave Gaza before Hamas militants started the battle? Did Israel-US quislings infiltrate the Hamas militant resistance?

Before the media and the public opinion, the Palestinian military system of Fatah collapsed in Gaza. Over 30 thousand PA soldiers, from the “Alternative Security Forces”, “Presidential Forces”, and “National Forces” were defeated by couple of thousands of Hamas militants. The Palestinian commanders of the defeated army in Gaza were in Egypt during fighting with Hamas. Some other officers of the PA army fled over the sea to Egypt, to Israel and to Ramallah in the West Bank at the beginning of the battle, leaving behind them over 30.000 soldiers facing a small group of militant from Hamas.

Muhammad Dahlan with his true master. (Pic Source: ?)

The leaders of Fatah who were not in Gaza before the fighting started are: Muhammad Dahlan, a criminal and a spy for Israel and the CIA and “Assistant for National Security” of President Abu Mazen. Samir Al-Meshharawi, a member of the Revolutionary Council of the Fatah and leader of thieves and kidnappers in Gaza. He was not elected during the last Parliament election in Gaza. General Rashid Abu Shibak, the head of the “Internal Security” in Gaza and a collaborator with the Israeli intelligence, who provides Israel with the names and locations of the people in Gaza who are on the Israeli liquidation lists.

Why were the PA leaders not in Gaza, and why did the officers flee out of the city? Have Fatah-Dahlan misled the public opinion? If Hamas had really won in Gaza, then the leaders of Fatah were misleading President Mahmud Abbas, the European Union and some Arabs countries, and are falsifying the facts on the ground in Gaza and exposing very sensitive “military” secrets, as well as looting millions of dollars from the European taxes and building their private projects.

Rashid Abu Shibak, Israeli intelligence correspondent (Pic Source: AFP)

Rashid Abu Shibak owns a big villa in Egypt, another villa in Gaza and an apartment in Ramallah. Mr. Dahlan owns a villa in Gaza, another villa in Ramallah, another villa in the Gulf, and he owns companies in different countries.

Questions for the European Union
According to Al-Quds Al-Arabi in London, information was found in buildings abandoned by the Fatah in Gaza which shows that there were up to 30.000 soldiers with the PA in Gaza, which had been trained in Egypt, Jordan and the possibly the USA. This army had hundreds of vehicles at their disposal, thousands of weapons and large quantities of ammunition. Palestine does not have the money to finance such a huge army, and the American "contributions" only account for part of what was found.

Since the Hamas was elected into the government at the beginning of 2006, and even before, various officials of the EU and European governments have overtly and publicly declared the Hamas as “terrorists” and opposed them in any way possible, and repeatedly said in TV or newspapers that they would help Israel isolate them merely for having been elected. In this way, Israel was allowed by the EU to steal millions of dollars in tax revenues which should have been used to fund the day-to-day operations of the PA, items such as salaries, schools, retirement payments, streets, canalization … and when the obvious criminality of this act became apparent, Israel gave about 20% of the stolen money to Abbas in a “magnanimous” gesture, but under conditions that this money should not reach the Hamas, never mind that Hamas was the legitimate, elected government, and that Abbas only legitimacy comes from Israeli guns and a heavily arranged election (and the old British colonial laws kept in place by the Israelis). Given this attitute: where was, and is, the respect of the EU for democratic process ?

The results from this policy are clear for anybody to see: with the direct help of European troops stationed on the border to Egypt, the population of Gaza has been put under a siege which has resulted in widespread hunger and misery. The whole Gaza strip has in fact been converted into a huge concentration camp for its 1.5 million inhabitants, with Israeli troops shooting people at will, and the whole place infested by Dahlan’s death squads out to get those who the Israelis can’t find, and the West Bank has fared little better. All these atrocities have been supported by the leaders of European countries who should know better if they had cared to learn the correct lessons from their recent history (PDF) .

* If Palestine had no money to pay salaries of civil servants, then who paid the salaries for the army of 30.000 controlled by Abbas, Abu-Shibak and Dahlan ?

* From where does this money come: is it European money or is it the Palestinian tax money stolen by Israel ?

* How many millions has the European Union given to pay the salaries of the defeated PA army while the Palestinians in Gaza were left hungry ?

* Why was there a need to set up this huge army in Gaza ?

* What is the purpose of this huge army, according to the EU ?

* Has the European Union asked the PA and Fatah leaders about Dahlan's death squads, which are part of Palestinian security forces under control of the PA ?

* From where do the weapons and the equipment of Dahlan's death squads come, and who pays their salaries ?

* From where do the weapons and equipment for Abbas' increased "Presidential Forces" come ?

* Who paid for all these weapons and the training of these units ?

* On what legal basis, exactly, is the EU and various countries from the EU financing these forces ?

* Could it be that there is no legal basis in any country of the EU to finance military operations and Dahlan's gangs in Palestine, but rather that this is facilitated by certain persons in contravention of standing laws and in abuse of the high positions these persons occupy within the EU and their respective countries ?

* Is it not so that financing a partially illegal army and death squads in Palestine is in direct contravention of the principles enunciated in the CFSP ?

* If financing Dahlan's death squads in Palestine is against the laws and interests of the EU and its integrant countries, who or what would motivate the EU to act in this way ? Who profits ? Was the EU misled by the PA or other parties into financing operations against its own principles and interests ?

I would appreciate any answer to these questions from the involved parties, which I will of course publish.

The Palestinians don’t need 30.000 soldier in Gaza. I wrote before that we do not have a useful army to protect us from the Israeli atrocities, but that there are many “security” organizations under the command of various Palestinian “friends of Israel”. The only logical explanation for such an army is that the countries which took part in the building up and financing of this huge army had plans to murder most Palestinians in Gaza with this army.
Had it not been for the apparent incompetence of those recruited into this PA-controlled army, it would have been a murdering rampage similar to what happened under American auspices in Ruanda, where about 800.000 people were butchered in less than two weeks in 1994. But this would have be only one part in a more complicated plan, and the danger is far from over.

Abu Shibak protecting his boss, Abbas (Pic Source: ?)

The European Union never thought of helping the PA to build an army for protecting the Palestinian civilians in their homeland against the Israeli occupation, what would have corresponded to the obvious interests of the EU. It was very clear since the establishment of the Abbas-Dahlan PA after Arafat’s death that the weapons which had been given to Dahlan’s army were for "internal" use, against Palestinian civilians, but not to protect against the Israeli occupation. In any case, the PA generals and other officers always hid in the basement during Israeli attacks, they never counterattacked or even defended themselves. It is interesting to note here that in the report of the DLPC (EU Parliament Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council) from their last visit to Palestine, in April/May of 2007, they recommend (PDF) that the EU normalize relations with the PA because all the conditions imposed by the quartet were being fulfilled by both Fatah and Hamas, that the embargo on Gaza be lifted because of grave humanitarian concerns, and that the EU recommend Israel that they pay back the stolen Palestinian tax money.

Nothing of this happened, but instead the EU Presidency and high officials from certain governments in the EU have been seen in the MSM boasting of their "support for Israel" and “lamenting” that Palestinians were so inclined towards “terrorism”, or jovially laughing about the “joke” of Olmert’s cabinet about putting Gaza on diet. The more one looks into the situation in Palestine and into what has been uncovered by the events of the last several days, the suspicions about the EU become more disquieting, because everything looks like the EU was involved in financing and organizing an army of death squads for the purpose of exterminating all Palestinians in Gaza. And the “failure” of Dahlan and Abbas has not discouraged them either. It was apparently one step in a more complicated scheme.

Haniyeh, Mishal, Abbas in Mecca: selling out their people ? (Pic Source: Al-Quds Al-Arabi ?)

The Fatah-Dahlan-CIA-Israel Conspiracy
Why did Fatah let Hamas win the small battle in Gaza, and how did the Israeli intelligence infiltrate the militant Hamas ? It was not by accident that the PA and Fatah leaders were not in Gaza during the operation of the Hamas militants. It was not by accident that the PA officials from Gaza fled to Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Ramallah crossing EU- and Israeli-controlled borders at the beginning of battle with Hamas. It is known from past events that, whenever Dahlan or the Israelis arranged for the murder of somebody, Dahlan and selected people from the PA would run to Egypt for the length of these operations. Also, in “normal” times it takes on average 2 weeks for Palestinians to get an answer when they request a permit to pass the borders of Gaza for medical emergency cases, and it can take up to one month to receive an answer from the Israelis to such urgent requests. So, how did the Palestinian officers flee out of Gaza and arrive Ramallah in no time ? This could not have happened without full help of the Israelis. During “normal” times the Israel were never helpful to Palestinians. There is no mercy under their occupation. Pregnant women are dying at the Israeli borders all the time, people sick of cancer are dying at their homes because they are not allowed to go to a hospital. But the traitors around Abbas and Dahlan were allowed free and unhindered passage. What will happen after the Fatah officers hand over Gaza to Hamas? What is the real deal between Dahlan-CIA-PA-Israel and the Hamas ? Hamas did not win Gaza. In reality, Dahlan won by implementing the first stage of the CIA-Israel-PA conspiracy.

Which will be the second stage of this Dahlan-CIA-PA-Israel conspiracy ? Whatever happens, 1.5 million Palestinians live in Gaza and other further millions in the West Bank. The so-called "International Community", the European countries and the United Nations should be held responsible for any crimes and destructions which Israel will commit or cause to be committed in Gaza and the West Bank against Palestinian civilians. The smell of a conspiracy and disaster spreads out of Gaza.

The West Bank is not Gaza
Gaza is not the West Bank, and the West Bank is not Gaza. Hebron is a city in the southern part of the West Bank. It is known as a “city of Hamas”. Jenin is a city in the northern part of the West Bank, it is also known as a “city of Hamas”. These are facts on the ground, whether we like them or not. These facts have always scared the Palestinian Authority as they threaten their own power and corruption. Another fact is that the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank does not have the power to protect even their underpants. President Mahmoud Abbas and his coterie of traitors and thugs live under protection of the Israeli army, and only with permission and under protection of the Israelis can he move around the Palestinian cities and between the West Bank and Gaza.

The question is, if the death squad leader Muhammad Dahlan continues “assisting” President Abbas in the West Bank and implementing this conspiracy, what kind of disaster will this criminal bring upon the Palestinian nation?

The Hamas is not weak in the West Bank. The crimes perpetrated by the Fatah death squads against the activist organization of Hamas does not confirm that Fatah is strong and Hamas is weak. The activities of Dahlan’s death squads in the past and the ongoing "revenge actions" against Hamas in the West bank are done under the protection of the Israeli military. And, the last election confirmed that Abbas’ Fatah is widely seen as corrupt. Another sign of how weak Abbas really is, is how he was elected President: he was elected in a set-up election where he was competing with no-name candidates from Fatah, and Hamas was excluded from that election. Muhammad Dahlan arrived in Ramallah after the first stage of his conspiracy was over in Gaza. According to the new situation brought by Dahlan-CIA-Israel, Dahlan will not be able to enter Gaza under Hamas authority. Because of what he did he is the number one in the black list of the people wanted by Hamas.

Palestinians have recommended that Dahlan ask for asylum in the USA or Israel “if he is a victim of Hamas”, for that is better for him and for the Palestinians. Angry street protests “welcomed” Dahlan, Rashid Abu Shibak, and Samer Al-Meshharawi in Ramallah as many Palestinians want these people put to trial and punished as traitors for their past actions. Dahlan met some of his officers who had fled from Gaza and settled with their families at the Grand Park hotel in Ramallah. The hotel is full of these escaped Generals and other officials from the PA who abandoned their compounds in Gaza with the help of the Israelis. Many of them own luxurious homes in Ramallah.

Abbas kissing an Israeli occupation officer (Pic Source: ?)

US-Israel celebrates the winner of first stage of the Conspiracy
Abbas PA declared a State of Emergency by the end of last week and dismissed the Hamas-Fatah unity government. After this important declaration, the U.S. Consul General Jacob Walles said that the United States plans to lift a ban on direct aid to the new emergency government. The second reaction came from Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that a new emergency PA government, would be a “partner for peace” in negotiations with Israel. In the meantime, Olmert has gone to Washington, presumably to give Bush instruction on how to continue. This was the second Stage of the Dahlan-PA-CIA-Israel conspiracy.

Abbas’ authority: withheld when the people need it, used when the CIA-Israel want it
In January 2007, President Abbas closed his ears when the representatives of the Palestinian women organizations visited his headquarter Al-Muqataa in Ramallah, asking that he use his authority to issue a statement punishing and forbidding the “honor killings” of Palestinian women by their families. Over hundred young women and girls were killed by their families during the last few months in Palestine because of perceived slights at the honor of their families. Many hundreds have been killed during the last two years. As the situation in Palestine has deteriorated, these murders of women by their own families have increased dramatically. In any case, Abbas denied the women organizations and the Palestinian women his help, and the murders of women continue increasing under the watchful eyes of this darling of the West.

There are no civil laws in the Palestinian cities and Abbas’ PA does not protect civilians. There are many crimes, and criminals occupy the PA organizations. Some of these criminals are assisting President Abbas for security, information, media, and in the central committee of Fatah. These criminals around Abbas are looting the donations for the Palestinian nation made by other countries, and selling these goods for profit; many of these persons are involved in corruption. There is also no justice in Palestine. Still under Arafat, Abbas promised to dismiss these criminals during his Presidential campaign. As soon as he became President, he gathered these criminals from all sides around him in his presidential headquarters.

On November 13, 2005, the PA Ministerial Council annulled the municipal elections in Hebron, which would have been held on December 15, 2005. The decision was made after Hamas won the municipal elections all over the West Bank. Before that, the last municipal election in Hebron were held in 1976 under the Israeli occupation. On April 15, 2007 President Abbas used his authority to appoint Mr. Khaled Iseleh the major of Hebron. Mr. Iseleh is a business man who has made some good business with his Israeli friends in the past. They are partners in some projects, like the so-called “Hebron electricity Project.

President Abbas did not use his authority to dismiss some spies posing as engineers and workers in the Hebron Municipality. Some of these spies were kidnapped during the Intifada by Palestinians investigating their connections with the Israeli occupation. These spies stole project funds from the of UNDP, and they helped the Israeli occupation to steal and use municipality properties in the Hebron city area H2 for use of the illegal settlements. These people also helped the Jewish settlers to steal city land near the Beit Hadassah settlement in Al-Shuhada street by either looking away or issuing fraudulent sales permits, and to establish a "Jews-only" kindergarten in that place. President Abbas received hundreds letters petitioning him to stop this awful situation in Hebron, but never did Mr. President make use of his authority to do this, his power always slept when it came to the needs of Palestinians.

The suspicion is that the second stage of this conspiracy will be that Hamas shoots some rockets at Israel so as to give them an “excuse” to bomb Gaza flat – “Palestinians” from Lebanon have already done so - while the upper Hamas hierarchy escapes to Egypt leaving poorly armed fighters there to be liquidated together with many other civilians. Israel’s new-old minister of “defense”, Barak, has already announced that they are contemplating a full-scale invasion of Gaza with 20.000 troops, air force, hundreds of tanks … At the same time, the Hamas death squads, under protection from the IDF, will kill everybody on the Israeli hit lists in the West Bank. The only peace which Israelis know and understand is the peace of the cemeteries, and this is why Olmert called Abbas’ new “emergency” government “partners for peace”. With the help of the USA, Europe, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, possibly millions of Palestinians will now be butchered, as has always been intended.

Hamas forces in Gaza. Left as a sacrifice to the Israelis ? (Pic Source: Reuters)

To clarify my position before Hamas and Fatah
Most of the Hamas militants, just like their Fatah counterparts, are criminals and extremists. Both organizations are infiltrated by the Israeli intelligence system. There were some good people among both groups, but the positive members of both groups have long since been murdered or jailed by the Israelis, or isolated by the PA. There is no illusion regarding Hamas among most Palestinians either, it is true they were elected, but this only because they were perceived as the lesser evil. I experienced good things and bad things from both groups. Hamas people threw foul eggs at me in Hebron during my work, and threatened to throw Molotov cocktails at me if I didn’t wear the Hijab. Of course I did not wear Hijab to please these extremists, I started wearing a miniskirt after their threats. And the PA presidential staff once stole a tape recorder from me after I recorded some compromising material about Abu Al-Sud, a relative of the former President Arafat, and the partners of Abu Al-Sud threatened me with death if I ever spoke. People from the Fatah also once tried to kill me in Ramallah after I published a small article about corruption. Whether Fatah or Hamas do terrible things to me and many other Palestinians, I will not stop writing.

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