The Fight against the American-Israeli Project in Gaza

The American military coordinator and representative at the Palestinian military, the war criminal General Keith Dayton should return to the US. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should resign, and the International community should take charge of their responsibility toward the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. The continued failings of the PA government and bloody disaster which the radical militants of Hamas brought upon the lives of all Palestinians should force President Abbas to resign, and the International Community to take over the responsibility for peace and order in all Palestinian cities, in all the Palestinian Territory.

The Palestinians are seeking that international military forces be stationed in Gaza and the West Bank, replacing the Palestinian Authority, the Hamas militants and the Israeli occupation. They Palestinians strongly refuse the interference and participation of the US in this military deployment. They also refuse the European offer of sending troops for protecting Israel by blocking the southern border along Gaza. What Palestinians are seeking is a powerful military force to be stationed in all Palestinians cities, to protect them from the daily attacks by Israelis, the corrupt PA and the various Palestinian militant groups. The US is not invited to take part in this action, they are specifically excluded from this invitation.

Burning building in Gaza (Pic Source: Al Hayat Al Jadeeda)

These are the Palestinian demands which the local Palestinian press controlled by the PA have censored until now. The International media has also failed to clarify the Palestinian demands and the reasons behind the bloody fight between the two biggest parties in Gaza and the West Bank, the radical Islamic movement, Hamas, and the corrupt wing of the Palestinians Authority, Fatah. According to Palestinian civilians from Gaza, the Hamas, supported by other Palestinians opposition movements, and some leaders from the Fatah movement itself are fighting against the American-Israeli-Arab project which is being implemented by the corrupt PA government along with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the head of the death squads in Gaza, Muhammad Dahlan. This project has the purpose of creating a PA “government”which supports US and Israeli interests, and denies Palestinians their rights of return among other things.

The majority of the Palestinians from Gaza accuse Muhammad Dahlan of hindering the work of the coalition government in Gaza, and of causing the bloody war in Gaza. The gangster Dahlan is well known as the hand of Israel and the C.I.A in the Palestinian government. The US-supported Dahlan gang has succeeded in creating the bloody war between the two biggest parties in West Bank and Gaza, Hamas and Fatah. The Israeli media kindle the fires of hatred between the Palestinians themselves. Daily incitements against Hamas appear, as well as support for arming the “Presidential Guard", a force which receives training and funding from the US and the EU.

The IDF airstrikes in Gaza during the past few weeks, their murdering of some leaders from Hamas and the destruction of their organizations are explained by Hamas as a conspiracy between the Muhammad Dahlan, the PA, and the Israeli occupation.

The anger against Muhammad Dahlan in Gaza is huge. Dahlan is supported by the US, Israel, the Jordanian Royal family of King Abdallah, the Egyptian government, and European countries. But Dahlan and his gangster have the public opinion in Gaza against them. The Palestinians are also very angry with Hamas, and they complain against the silence and cover-up of by the “International Community” and the corporate press of the terrible situation which they live.

Palestinians live in two giant concentration camps, Gaza and the West Bank. They are not safe from Israeli rockets or from Hamas and Fatah bombs and murderers. They live under death threat 24 hours a day, they spend all their time taking part in funerals, starving and hearing the bombs exploding somewhere. The “International community” has furthered this genocide by imposing allowing Israel to steal PA funds and then by imposing a financial siege on the Palestinians, leaving them to starve. The Palestinians Authority did not offer any alternative solution; it is a very weak and corrupt system which is distrusted by most Palestinians.

It’s very simple: the Palestinians say “Hamas, Dahlan, and the PA should go to hell, all of them should disappear from the Palestine”. The International community should stand up to its responsibility toward the Palestinians according to the International laws, and not according to the Israelis demands. This is a logical demand.

The bloody fight has spread from street to street and from one house to another. Rockets are falling from everywhere on innocent civilians, destroying their houses over their heads. During the last days over 80 Palestinians were killed, among them two women, and over 260 were injured, many are in critical conditions. During the past few weeks, dozens of Hamas and Fatah members have been killed in heavy clashes, there were some civilians among the Palestinians who were killed.

IDF soldiers shooting in Gaza (Pic Source: Reuters)

A summary of the News until now
During the continued clashes, Hamas seized control of the refugee camps in the central Gaza Strip; after that it swept into the central Gaza headquarters of Abbas' powerful National Security Forces facing only token resistance. Some Palestinians security forces fled to the Egyptian borders. The Palestinians leaders from the PA have all disappeared from Gaza. Hundreds of senior Fatah officials feared for their lives: they asked Israel for permission to evacuate from Gaza by sea. These PA officials accessed Israel on their way to Egypt and the PA headquarter in the West Bank.

Today Thursday, the Islamic militants from Hamas bombed the Preventive Security compound belonging to Fatah in Gaza City. Yesterday, the fighting which had been mostly limited to the Gaza Strip also spread to the West Bank, with Hamas and Fatah gunmen trading fire in Nablus.

The gunmen from the Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades, a military wing of Fatah, tried to seize employees of a pro-Hamas TV company. Hamas gunmen rushed to the scene sparking a firefight. According to Al-Aqsa leaders the attack was in retaliation for Hamas attacks on positions of Fatah-allied security forces in Gaza. The Palestinian security forces in the West Bank allied to Fatah leader and Palestinian Authority chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, arrested large numbers of men from Hamas.

Finally, the armed wing of Hamas asked the Palestinian security forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, to surrender their arms. Hamas ordered these security forces in the northern Gaza Strip to hand over their weapons by Friday at 1600GMT.

Militants from Fatah in Gaza

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Google Pushed Palestine into the Sea

Is Google condoning or inciting to genocide against my country ?

The current provider of my website does not offer any kind of statistics. As an alternative and until I find something better, I am using Google Analytics to keep an overview. Today I noticed something that makes Google appear in a very negative light: In short, Palestine has disappeared from their maps and has been replaced by water. I don't know how this error appeared in Google, I also don't know if it i is an error or something done on purpose, but I find that this issue is very serious. Denying the the whole Palestinian nation the right to be on the map can only be a gross error if one believes Google's slogan of "Do no Evil", but given Google's influence and presence on the Internet, this error can lead to the public believing that Palestine and its population of over 4 million does not exist, and that they have no right to existence. Here are some screenshots and the explanation of my issue.

This is the Middle East ("West Asia") according to Google Analytics. Notice that there were
some readers from "Palestinian Territory" as Google calls the West Bank and Gaza.

When I click on "Palestinian Territory" in the previous image, I get this blank image with
the colour of the mediterranean sea. Palestine has ceased to exist for Google. The clicks
actually came from Ramallah, but city does not exist anymore for Google.

This is Israel according to Google. Notice how the "Palestinian Territory" has the same colour of the Mediterranean.
Gaza is not delimited towards the sea. Neither Gaza nor the West Bank are clickable, as are the neighboring countries.

To be pushed into the water and depicted as two big ponds is incredibly insulting for my nation, which still number over 4 million people living in these territories. Neither I nor the other millions Palestinians living in diaspora and in Palestine have dissappeared. We still exist, we are Palestinians, despite the fact that we are often forced to live outside of our homeland and that many of us carry other passports. We did not chose this, but this it was imposed on us by a coward "international community" which has no problem whatsoever with apartheid and genocide, as long as it is being perpetrated by Jews in the name of Zionism, and by too many persons or organizations who, like Google, at best don't care.

Is there any purpose why Google would suppress Palestine in their maps ?

Is Google serving any interests in their apparent suppression of a whole nation which is currently imprisoned in two giant concentration camps, slated for extermination ?

Is there a relationship between Google, and Israel and various zionist organizations who are promoting and justifying the ongoing genocide against Palestine ? What purpose would such a relationship have if it existed ?

I request from Google that they
* include the Palestinian territory and all its cities, with their Arab names, romanized or not, in all current maps and other relevant products published by them, such as "Google Analytics".
* include, as a demonstration of good will, recent high-resolution images of all the West Bank and Gaza in their "Google Earth" and "Google Maps" products, which will help interested groups to ascertain the real extent of the ongoing destruction and thievery by the illegal settlers and the IDF in my country, as the current available image data for Palestine is downgraded. Neither Israel nor the half million illegal Jewish settlers in my country have legitimate security interests in either the West Bank or Gaza, allegations to the contrary from their side are moot.
* use the so-called "Green Line" (armistice line of 1967) to depict the legal and accepted border to Israel.
* include the real, Arab, names of all cities and villages in Palestine in their mapping products. Wherever illegal Jewish settlements are designated, to designate such places as "illegal", what they are, under international law as well as under the fickle and racist laws of Israel.

I have looked at the American law concerning genocide. Given Google's predominant position in the internet search market and its resulting influence on public opinion worldwide, the continued suppression of Palestine from Google's maps could be interpreted as an incitement to, or at least condoning of, genocide. This is sanctioned in the American Penal Code under USC 18, Chapter 50A, and is also a criminal offense in many other countries where Google operates.

I expect responsible persons from Google to offer a satisfactory explanation for this very grave issue, and I would appreciate that Google take in consideration the prompt resolution of the problems addressed here, without allowing undue influences which are of no benefit to anybody involved.

Please write or call Google about this, they have contact information on this page. I repeat it here for your convenience. My Email address is

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
phone: +1 (650) 253-0000
fax: +1 (650) 253-0001

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The IDF Cold War in Hebron

The Israeli military commander of Hebron, colonel Yehuda Fuchs, has imposed a curfew on the poor Palestinians who live in the old city of Hebron many times. He also closed the main entrance gates to the old market. Nothing has changed in the city of Hebron since 1997. The occupational military commanders who served in Hebron have changed, but the city still lives the same curfews, the same suffering, the same regular attacks by the Jewish settlers and the Israeli soldiers. The Israeli headquarter in the city and under the various commanders is going ahead in implementing the old Zionist plan of turning Hebron into a "Jewish only" city. Whatever happened in the city, from both the Israeli and the Palestinian side, it was always used by the IDF to "create facts on the ground". For example, the massacre perpetrated in 1995 by the psychopath from New York, Baruch Goldstein, resulted in the destruction and expropriation of the vegetable market, the closure of Al-Shuhada street and in 12 years of continued, almost uninterrupted curfew for Palestinians in the whole city. The plan to depopulate, ethnically cleanse Hebron, is old and has been in implementation since 1967. The specific style of its implementaiton changes from commander to Israeli commander, but what is common is "timing" and "apparent legitimacy": any excuse is used to expropriate a house here, kill somebody there, arrest a group elsewhere, steal some land, ... and if no excuse is found, then some incident is created by the settlers. In this way, supposed "legitimacy" is given to theft and murder with so-called "military orders". A jewish religious extremist from New York has arrived and is without house ? No problem. Create an incident, provoke the Palestinians, kill somebody. The result is always the same: the occupation commander of the day, Shamni, Tivon, Weinberg, Fuchs or whatever their name, issues a "military order" to expropriate this or that coveted house or piece of land. The owners are kicked out, or shot (or dynamited or bulldozed or knifed or clubbed ...) on the spot if they resist, eventually the property is declared "abandoned" and ownership is given by Israel, which has no jurisdiction in Palestinian lands, to the "religious" nut who came from far away to thrive in crime.

Yehuda Fuchs, the angry man at the right, is the new occupier of Hebron

The "Shamni-Fuchs" road between Tel-Rumeidah and Al-Shuhada Street.

In 1997, when the Israeli military commander was colonel Gadi Shamni, he had made a tour with the Israeli civil administration Commander Colonel Baruch Nagar and other officers. They were joined by an engineering team from Tel Rumeidah and walked until the Muslim cemetery. The commander’s tour was not through the main Al-Shuhada Street. The tour was from the Palestinian gardens in Tel-Rumeidah until the cemetery. The engineering team had some maps and made remarks during the whole tour. I was an eyewitness of this tour, I followed the commanders, and I understood that they were drawing a map to open a new road as a link between Tel-Romeidah and Al-Shuhada street. I wrote about this tour (here, in Arabic). When I published my article two days later, the Israeli civil administration was not happy. A "Colonel Alex" from the office of Baruch Nagar called me saying that there was no need to publish this news as it would "create a negative a atmosphere against peace". I understood from this officer "Alex" that this plan would not be implemented then. The road was made some years later. The usual "military orders" were distributed by the end of 2006, and it is now completed, about 10 years later.

What happens in Hebron under Colonel Fuchs is not new. His big "achievement" was to open a new road for the settlers passing through Palestinians agricultural lands. This road was a link between Kach settlements in Tel Rumeida and Avraham Avino. Actually Al-Shuhada Street is a link between these settlements, as this street is for exclusive use by the Jewish settlers since the massacre commited by the terrorist Goldstein, who murdered 29 and injuring dozens of others at the Abraham Cave. Other achievements of Fuchs was confiscating (or actually, stealing) the Al-Aqtab mosque at the Vegetable market, and destroying dozens of Palestinian homes near the Abraham cave and replacing them with a new road as a link between the mosque and the Jewish settlement Kiryat Araba, and finally on the 18th of March 2007, occupying the Palestinian building of Fayez Al-Rajaby by Jewish settlers. Off course there were more "achievements" in the city, about which nobody can really say anything positive, such as the daily attacks, arrests and murders committed by the Jewish settlers and soldiers.

Demo with children of Hebron, in 2001, against the curfew imposed by the Israeli occupation

In 2001, during the time of Dror Weinberg, I sent a letter signed by the poor children of Hebron to former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan complaining about the continued curfew, which by then had lasted 183 days. I also organized a small demonstration with these children under 9 years in front of their houses.An officer called "Shlomo" with first name from Golani broke the hand of a man from the Abu-Hayeh family, who had been watching over the children from a window. The officer did this because he was not happy to see the man looking at the small demonstration of children.

The unanswered letter of the Hebronite children to Kofi Annan

Here (above) is the letter which had send 2001 to the former U.N president Kofi Annan by the poor children of this city. A copy of this letter was send to the military former commander Dror Weinberg. But there was no answer. Neither Kofi Annan nor anybody from the UN ever answered. To this day, the genocide of Palestine continues under the watchful, approving eye of the U.N., while that institution has the shamelessness to speak sanctimoniously of "Human Rights". We Palestinians are not the first victims of the U.N., nor will we be the last ones. This letter could as well have been written today and to the new General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon. The only question is if he would answer or we would see the same indolence and cowardice.

These are the children of illegal Jewish settlers in Hebron. They carry weapons since early

childhood and can kill any Palestinian whenever they want. They are protected by the IDF.

This is a "Military Order" issued by the IDF to Palestinians. This is
how the Israeli government covers up land theft by "legalizing" it.

When will the U.N. insist that Israel comply to the 65 or so resolutions which have been adopted by the U.N. General Assembly against Israel and its criminal behavior ?

When will countries around the world stop financing this institution which supports and covers up wars of aggression and genocide, as it has repeatedly done ? Some examples of the attitude of the U.N. before genocide and wars of aggression are Palestine, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and currently Somalia / Ethiopia. In all of these cases, what happened or is still going on could have been avoided, had the U.N. not studiously looked the other way.

What goal does the U.N. pursue by looking away and thus supporting and covering up genocide, in Palestine and elsewhere ?

Who does the U.N. serve when it supports and covers up genocide and wars of aggression ?

When will the U.N. put in place an International Court of Justice which will not allow criminal states like Israel to decide whether its officials will be prosecuted ?

Israel has complied with exactly NONE of the conditions which it accepted when it joined the U.N. - Why has Israel not been expulsed from the U.N. ?

When will countries around the world understand that crimes against humanity have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with crime, and act accordingly ?

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Israel’s First Madam In Lebanon

What motivates me to write about Shulamit Cohen is my encounter with her corrupt son David Kishik, whom I met years ago in the course of my journalistic work, and who turned the Israeli Military-Civil Administration Headquarter in the West bank into a central for furthering his lucrative business transactions and private projects around land theft, mostly from Palestinians but also from Jewish settlers. David has relied on the power and influence of his mother Shulamit, a former madam and national hero of the Israeli Jews, to go unpunished for the crimes he committed as a military officer at the military headquarter, and after his army service, for over 30 years.

Who is Israel’s first Madam ?

A portrait of Shula Cohen during her days in Beirut

Shulamit Arazi Cohen” is “Shulamit Cohen Kishik” is “Schulamit Mayer Cohen” is “Shula Cohen”. These are some of the names of this former Jewish prostitute, madam and Mossad agent in Lebanon. She provided the State of Israel with valuable state secrets from Lebanon and Syria, and, together with her associates, she is responsible for causing grave troubles to whole banking system of Lebanon of the time. Shulamit (short “Shula”) is also the mother of the corrupt Israeli officer at the Israeli Military-Civil Headquarter in Beit Il, David Kishik. For her actions she has become an Israeli national hero, but her story was whitened and re-invented for purposes of public consumption. Few know the real story.

Shulamit Arazi Cohen was born in 1920 in Argentina to a father who was a trader by profession. The family relocated to Baaqubah, north of Bagdad, in Iraq, and later they moved to Al-Basra in southern Iraq. They emigrated to Palestine through the Iranian port of Abadan in 1937. They arrived in Haifa, and went to live in Jerusalem.

Shulamit’s father and her brother David were killed in separate actions by Palestinian guerillas, and Azar, her first lover from Israel, was killed while stealing land from Palestinians. Her son David, about whom I will write in my next article, was apparently named after this brother.

Shulamit had lots of trouble after the death of her father, as her oldest brother decided not to participate in the responsibility for the big family left behind by their father. Shula’s mother died about a year after the death of the father. To make ends meet she went to work as a secretary in a clinic in “Zahalon Harof” Street in Tel Aviv, where she met an Israeli General native from Poland. She offered herself to him, but the officer was not interested in Shula. Instead he recruited her to work with the Mossad.

Shulamit accepted to work with the Mossad, money probably being one of her motives. Before she started her work as a spy, she was sent into training in Ha-Kirya in Tel Aviv, where she learned to fulfill her duties as a prostitute for the Mossad. After that, she was sent to London to learn the English language and good manners, and how to “fish in troubled waters” after men of interest for her employer.

Shulamit began her work as a Mossad agent in Beirut in 1947. Her cover was her marriage to Josef Kishik, a Jewish trader from Lebanon who owned a shop in the Sarsaq market in Beirut. Josef traveled to Jerusalem to marry Shulamit in a marriage which had been arranged by their respective Rabbis, in all probability as cover for her intended activities. Under the cover of this marriage, Shulamit pursued her career as a prostitute, madam and Mossad agent, coordinating her activities with a French Jew, trader and fellow Mossad agent called George Moloko, who lived at that time in Lebanon with his wife Ann Mary.

Sexual Favors sold in Beirut

Shulamit sold her favors to hundreds of high government officials in Lebanon between 1947 and 1961. She attended to her customers in her private house in the district of Wadi abu Jamil in Beirut. The first Lebanese government official which Shula hunted down was Mahmoud Awad, who occupied six positions in the Lebanese government of the time.

Shulamit visited the office of Mr. Awad in order to renew her permit of residency in Lebanon. She dressed well and exposed herself to call his attention. During the meeting she realized that the officer was diverted from the official task at hand, looking at her body and making up pretexts for delaying the end of the meeting. She in turn left her passport in his office as a pretext, and after that she fixed a second meeting with him. Shula did not attend to this second appointment with the Mr. Mahmoud Awad on purpose. She called him pretending to be sick, asked that he send her the passport, and gave him her home address. Mr. Awad went himself to give back Shula’s passport, carrying flowers. The prostitute was waiting, and dressed for the occasion. Since this encounter, Mr. Awad became a client of Shula and a regular visitor to her bed.

Shula also succeeded in recruiting the Lebanese official “George Anton” (Antun, Antone, Antoine ?), and she established a group named “Jewish Self-Defense Forces” which infiltrated the Christian-rightist Party Al-Kataeb. With this group she helped to bring Jews from Lebanon and other Arab countries to Israel over the mountain roads of Lebanon. In the course of her mission as a spy, Shula collaborated with the director of the Olympiad Casino, where most of the Lebanese political elite indulged in gambling. In this Casino she met Camille Chamoun, President of the Lebanese Republic 1952-1958.

Camille Shamoun (pic from Wikipedia)

Shula organized a meeting between the Syrian Colonel Adib al-Shishakli, the famous revolutionary who became a President of Syria in 1951, and the Head of the Israeli Staff (1952-1953), General Mordechai Maklef, a terrorist active in the Haganah who later became the 3rd commander of the IDF.

Colonel Adib Al-Shishakli

In 1950, Shula succeeded in stealing the security protocol between the Syrian and the Lebanese governments and passed it to Israel.

Mordechai Maklef (pic from Wikipedia)

By 1956 Shula had expanded her prostitution business: she now owned five more brothels in different places in Beirut, to “fish in troubled waters” after interesting people from the Syrian and the Lebanese governments. The Mossad provided Shula with all the necessary recording equipment, like secrets cameras, to install in the bedrooms of her brothels. Shula engaged a very beautiful Armenian girl of age 14, Lucy Kobelian (or Kupelian) to her brothels as bait for fishing the hungry men. She succeeded in filming many Lebanese government officials with Lucy as well as other girls in her brothels. In this way she installed an army of sleepers within the political system of Lebanon, which hindered any decisions contrary to the interests of Israel. Given the indolent response bordering on irresponsibility from the Lebanese government to last years war of aggression from Israel, a younger generation of this army of sleepers may be in place to this day.

After Shula’s brothels had flourished due to "hard work", she successively engaged more beautiful girls. Among the so engaged were the Jewish prostitutes Rachel Raffoul, apparently native from Aleppo, the sisters Marcella and Ronit Isberans from Greece, and “Fortune”. Rachel Raffoul already had a career in prostitution behind her in Lebanon: she brought along her own stock of clients, who eventually became the clients of Shula’s brothels. Shula herself, now a made woman, was in position to sell her favors to only selected clients, meaning the higher officials and the generals from both the Syrian and Lebanese governments.

Fraud and Bankruptcy

Through the work in her brothels and her cooperation with the Mossad, Shulamit Cohen carried out a perfect spying mission in Lebanon: she and her accomplices caused huge damage to the Lebanese economy. Uniting her effort with George Moloko from the Mossad, collaborating with the Israeli coordinating officer in Beirut Eduard Hess, and relying on the help of her clients, the Lebanese official Mahmoud Awad and others, she and her accomplices embezzled and stole millions from various Lebanese banks and companies. This scandal was covered so as to avoid detection, and in the end just some minor Lebanese employees were ‘sacrificed’ to quite things down.

Edward Hess spread rumors stating that the various Lebanese banks and companies from which they had stolen and embezzled money were “bankrupt”, when they were in fact not, thus causing panic among investors and traders and so deflecting the attention from what was really going on. The stolen monies were smuggled to Israel with the help of those among Shula’s clients who helped the trek of Jews from Lebanon and other Arab countries into Israel over mountain paths. Among those who ran with the money was the Jewish trader Emil Natshoto, who escaped to Israel, as well as the Jewish trader from Tripoli Abraham Mizrahi, who escaped first to Greece and later made his way to Israel. Mizrahi’s fiancée Leila stayed back and cooperated in Shula’s network to organize the departure of other wealthy Jews from Lebanon.

Shulamit Cohen receiving an official reward for her favours rendered for Israel

The Rambo Pub

The prosperity of Shula’s Mossad mission brought her, and which she achieved under the cover of her clients from the Lebanese government, prompted her to establish a center for contacting her spies. She rented a Cafeteria in Al-Hamra’a Street, and converted it into a Pub which she called “Rambo Pub”.

At the “Rambo Pub”, many beautiful girls were engaged to hunt Shula’s clients for the Mossad. One of the people Shula recruited in this way was a simple Lebanese, Muhammad Saed Al-Abed Allah, who knew the mountain paths to sneak into Israel well. Muhammad al-Abed Allah had received good services at Shula’s night pub. He brought in his relatives Fayez and Nasrat Al-Abed Allah to receive the same services, and because they had offered to work for money. Since Shula also had business with Iraq, it looks like Lebanon was a staging are for the Iraqi Jews on their way to Israel, who were terrorized out of that country by false-flag bombings perpetrated by the Mossad with the unwitting help of the British troops present in that country.

These three relatives worked as messengers between Shula in Lebanon and the Mossad in Israel. Shula prepared her reports about the Lebanese and Syrian governments, and the three delivered them to Israel through the mountain paths. The three relatives earned good money from Shula, and the were additionally paid off with the sexual favors of the most beautiful girls at the pub. These three from the Al-Abed Allah family helped many Jews to run away from Lebanon to Israel.

Finally, the Mahmoud Awad, the government officer who had covered Shula’s operations in Lebanon, asked her for some money as a price for his services. Shula became very angry, as she had filmed him with five young girls receiving their “night services”, but in the end Mossad accepted his demands, and gave him what he wanted.

In 1958, a Syrian officer had informed a Lebanese officer about the suspected work of Shula. He got a negative and astonishing response from his colleague, “Shula is above any kind of suspicions !”.

On 9 August 1961, after 14 years of spying and working for the Mossad, Colonel Aziz Al-Ahdab arrested Shulamit Cohen, her husband Josef Kishik, Rashel Raffoul, the Lebanese official Mahmoud Awad, Muhammad, Fayez and Nasrat Al-Abed Allah and 22 other Jewish and Lebanese persons who had worked together in her spying net.

On 25 July 1962, Shulamit Cohen was sentenced to death, which sentence was later commuted to 20 years in jail. Her friend Rachel Raffoul was sentenced to 15 years in jail, and her husband Josef Kishik was released after he appealed. The Lebanese official Mahmoud Awad conveniently died of a heart attack in June 1962, while in jail and one month before the trial.

In 1967, Shulamit Cohen, Rachel Raffoul and two of the Jewish prostitutes were released in a secret prisoner exchange after the Six Day War: they were exchanged against three officers of the Syrian air force (the official version states that they were exchanged for “over 500 prisoners”).

Today Shula is a national hero of Israel and her story has been whitewashed and made “apt for public consumption”. She lives in the oldest Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem, Mea Shearim, a settlement which is part of Ramot. It is the neighborhood of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish fundamentalists, the Haredim, who are probably ignorant of her past. Rachel Raffoul lives in Tel Aviv and has a son and a daughter, who both carry other family names. Of the other "girls" nothing is known.

Sign at the entrance of Mea Shearim, the neighborhood where Shulamit lives in retirement.

(Coming soon) Read the story of Shulamit Cohen's corrupt son David Kishik, as he was assigned to the Israeli military civil administration in Beit Il as a reward or “compensation” by the Israeli government to his mother for her services as a prostitute, madam and spy for the State of Israel in Lebanon.

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The Israeli General whom I met In Hebron

Gadi Shamni during a tour of Hebron, in 1996 or 1997 (click photo).

In Hebron, my homeland, I met Major General Gadi Shamni, the Brigade Commander of the IDF troops in the city until the end of September 1997. I'm sure that he still remembers me, we talked many times during his tour in the city. He was a good English speaker. Of course, I met many other Israeli officers and Generals as well many Palestinian Generals, I will never forget them. They are part of my history, my memory and my suffering. I never had any problem with the Palestinians Generals, but I never liked them as they were very weak and never defended the innocent Palestinians from the Israeli war machine. I was wondering if the Palestinian Generals were a real General or a copy of other corrupted Arab military systems that came to take part in the occupation, the division of the Holy Land.

Whatever my memory brought me today and whatever this memory will bring me tomorrow and after tomorrow, I will never cancel this memory, its part of my life and history.

Today I was loading my photo archive from Palestine. I have thousands of images in this small archive. I saw Major General Gadi Shamni. His tour with the Central Command in the occupied territories, his tour with Colonel Baruch Nagar, Dov Tzadaka and Amnon Lipkin-Shahak.

I whispered to myself, and I asked: Is there any Justice in this World?
What memory of death and destruction did Shamni leave behind him in Hebron during the peace time? What memory did he leave behind him in Gaza and the West Bank during the Al-Aqsa Intifada? What memory did he leave behind him in Lebanon? Just death and destruction!!

Is Gadi Shamni a human being, or a gun machine, or a robot, or a psychopath?

Today I remembered Gadi leading his death squads, sowing murder and destruction in Hebron. I first met Gadi in Al-Shuhada Street and Al-Sahleh Street near the Abraham Cave. I remember the question which he asked me several times: How many copies does your Arabic newspaper print and spread the West Bank, especially in Hebron ? Gadi would also ask me what troublesome story I’d write against them on that particular day. I did not answer Gadi’s questions back then. I had no answers for him. I had to ask others at that time. But now I have an answer for Gadi, who has become Maj.-Gen. Gadi Shamni and who was recently appointed as the new GOC of the Central Command.

Here is my answer, Gadi: I have a huge audience around world, not only in Palestine. It is an audience far greater than when I worked in Hebron. Many of my articles have tens of thousands of readers, much more than I could even dream of when I worked in my home, Hebron. I, and my friends, want to see you and your partners in crime standing trial before an International Court of Justice for all the crimes against humanity and crimes of war which you committed. We will do everything possible to lodge you in a cell in The Hague or elsewhere, what is much more than what you accorded to your victims. Gadi, you filthy murderer of children and defenseless women, be informed that your god Yahweh has abandoned you, and that he will no longer help you because your usefulness to his plans has ceased. And the same is true for the schizoids from your yeshiva, the ones who made you believe that they know what Yahweh's will is: they were never your friends, they only had the mission to poison your soul and fill you with fear. All your crimes will come to light, and for all of them we wish to see you rot in jail or hang. Turn yourself in before they get you, Gadi, before your family has to suffer the shame of seeing the police take you away in cuffs like the cheap hoodlum, the mlochlach which you are, during one of your next travels abroad. You can either run or hide, Gadi, but not both.

Who is the General Gadi Shamni I met in Hebron?

Major General Gadi Shamni was the engineer of war in Hebron, Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank. He was the head of the Sayeret Matkal unit (IDF death squads) in Hebron. He served in the city as brigade commander of the IDF. He graduated in the US, where he studied Economics and Political Science. He attended lectures (and possibly also lectured) about murdering with the US Army Special Forces in North Carolina, at the US Army War College.

In Hebron, Gadi prepared the map and plan to divide the city in two parts. Area “H1” under the Palestinian control and area “H2” under his control. He imprisoned the Palestinians of the city in a ghetto and kept all the entrance and the roads around the city under his authority. His strong propaganda turned the facts into their opposite, stating to the public that “the biggest part of the city had been given to the Palestinians”.

Matan Vilnai, Gadi Shamni and Dov Tzadaka on a thieving tour through Hebron (20.11.1996).

On the ground, Gadi kept the whole city under the authority of Israeli power. Over 100 new military posts were created inside the city, on the Palestinians rooftops and at the main entrances between the city and its districts, and over 5.000 soldiers were sent to protect the extremist settlers. He kept his soldiers running around the whole city in a scheme he invented and called “Joint Israeli-Palestinian Patrols”.

The Palestinian troops and police were both under the factual authority of Gadi Shamni. The Palestinian troops had to spread near the separation areas (buffers between areas under nominal Palestinian or Jewish control) in the same streets which Gadi had divided, in order to protect him from the stones thrown by the children when they got out of their schools. And the Palestinian Police also had to search for the stolen Israeli cars, which were sold to Palestinians with the complicity and under the cover of the Israeli Police.

Gadi Shamni lead the “mistaravim” (“those who look like Arabs”) death squads after the Hebron redeployment in 1997. These units wear civilian clothes and they hide their pistols under their long shirts. They are manned with Druze soldiers who look like Palestinians, so that normally people going about their business are not aware of their presence. In one operation which I witnessed, which took place at the end of July 1997, Gadi sent these undercover units into the middle of Al-Shalala street in the (in name) Palestinian controlled area. It was said that the undercover soldiers who took part in this incident were from the Duvdevan unit. The purpose of the mission of these death squads was to catch and kill some young boys from the area under the Palestinians authority control. Gen. Gadi was leading the mission himself, he was in the middle of the separation area in Al-Shalala Street near the Al-Ja’abari Pharmacy. He gave orders to his troops stationed on the roof top of the Al-Jabari building in the same street to throw the Israeli flag in the middle of the Palestinians (a provocation). His death squad was ready to shoot, kill and arrest anyone. When the youths in the area started stepping on and burning the flag, the mistaravim stepped in and shot several people. Samir Karameh, a boy of age 9 who was in the crowd, was killed next to me in this incident, and I was nearly shot. I witnessed several people from the crowd, among them some with bullet wounds, being dragged on the ground like sacks by the death squads to where Gadi had set up his command post. I remember being very scared and angry.

I remember speaking with Colonel Gadi after this incident. I described the event as a disgusting bloody game, but Gadi did not pay attention to my words. He just said that the arrests, shootings and the death of the young boy were “victories”.

Shamni explains to his colleagues what they plan to steal next during a tour of Hebron.

Maj. Gen. Gadi Shamni was born in Israel in 1959. He is married and he has four children.

He was drafted into the IDF Paratroopers Brigade in 1977. He served as a company commander, reconnaissance company commander, battalion commander, commander of a paratroopers brigade in the reserve, and as a commander of the paratroopers brigade. Thousands of IDF officers have learned the morality of murdering, torturing, kidnapping, assassinating Palestinians from Gen. Gadi. As a commander of death squads in the West Bank he sure was a competent teacher.

In 2003 Gadi was appointed as commander of the Gaza division. He was responsible for the collective punishment of the population of Gaza, for the criminal destruction in the Rafah and Al-Buraig (Bureish) refugee camps, and demolishing Palestinian houses in the city. In one incident during their campaign of ethnical cleansing and demolishing Palestinians houses, Gadi’s troops demolished seven houses of poor people who were not involved in any militant clashes in Rafah. Among the ruins, his criminal troops killed a pregnant woman, Noha Makadama, a mother of ten children. Noha was killed in front of her husband and her children.

The troops of Gadi Shamni also killed the peace activists Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall and the photographer James Miller in Rafah. The criminal commander Shamni did not find any fault in the terrorist operations of his soldier. The war criminal Gadi had imprisoned 1.5 million Palestinian in Gaza, living in inhuman conditions. He is responsible for converting Gaza into a concentration and extermination camp.

In 2004, Shamni was responsible for all the crimes and massacres committed by the IDF troops in the West Bank and Gaza. He was as appointed as a Chief of Operations in the Operations Branch.

In 2005 war criminal Shamni, was appointed to the office of Sharon as a “military secretary” in charge of further organizing the ethnical cleansing of Gaza and planning similar crimes in the West Bank.

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