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Dear Kawther Salam,

I read your story (although parts of it - it is very large) and I am much impressed by it. The terror and terrible facts you have suffered by the Israeli terroristic soldiers disgusted me. Also the pictures I found very striking and I admire your courage to make this report (as a Palestinian reporter) under the siege of the Israeli terror army. Not only to show my admiration to you, but also to ask you a question, I write to you this e-mail.

My name is Ivo, and I am working on a Dutch-Palestinian website, called 'Dutchpal'. The address of it is (of course) My question: will you allow me to use your material (story & photos) on my website, and to translate it (maybe not all because it is very much - but maybe parts of it) into Dutch and publish it on my website? I should be very grateful.

With best wishes and wishing you all luck and success,

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