Memories: The Petroleum Lamps

We were lucky; we had two petroleum lamps in our home. I remember these two lamps. One of them hanged from the wall, and the other one was fixed on the window. We used one of them, keeping the other one for emergency cases.

My mother took care of these two lamps: in the morning she would clean the one we had used during the night. In the evening she filled it with some new petroleum for lighting. This all took place around the year 1965.

My mother never cleaned the lamps before closing the shutters of our house; my father had painted the window panes in blue dark before we installed these metal shutters. My parents were careful to not let anybody see light coming from inside our house. We lived on Al-Hawooz street at that time, part of the main street of “Beir Al-Sabaa”, near one of the posts of the Jordanian military police.

The precautions of my parents were due to the Jordanian spies. During the nights the Jordanian police walked in the streets and used to approach lit windows to listen to what the people were talking in their homes. My mother had told us that the walls have ears, and that we should be quiet at night and to sleep early. She meant that we should be careful about the Jordanian police, who were listening behind the doors and the windows.

On Al-Hawooz street there were few houses during that time. Our house was one of them. My parents built this small house after they had become refugees in Hebron. At that time the refugees usually had to live in the basements of other people’s houses, under the ground. My mother told us that there was usually more than one family sharing one room of a basement. She said that there was a donkey in the same room she had to share other 25 people. The situation was horrible in that basement. It had a foul smell, the people were dirty and full of lice. “We lived without water and other sanitary services”, she said. She was not able to live in that basement any longer so she asked her family for some money and she built the small house in Al-Hawooz street. It had a big room and a salon.

When we had started building our house, our Hebronite neighbors were unhappy. They said that they did not want refugees to live next to them. Our neighbors were very unhappy with our presence. In front of us they would say to their donkey “You are so ugly, you have a face like the refugees !” In the beginning our life was very difficult among these neighbors. Only later would the things become better.

My mother told us that living as a refugee is like being jailed forever.

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Memories: UNRWA Relief for Palestinian Refugees

These are my memories of the "humanitarian relief" of the UNRWA after the Palestinian Naqba. I was between 6 and 14 years old when these things happened. Later, I investigated about irregularities with the UNRWA assistance several times between 1982 and 1995. The situation with the food has become somewhat better since then, but I am sure that children are still treated like what I describe here in the schools for Palestinians operated by the UN. The situation in the various refugee camps, like Al-Fawwar south of Hebron, or Al-Arroub north of Hebron, is far worse. They can appropriately be described as populated garbage heaps converted into concentration camps by the Israelis, surrounded by barbed wire and 60-meter security zones.

To this day, the only means of subsistence of the inhabitants of these camps, is this "relief" from the UN. Each one of these concentration camps is a mark of shame for the UN, which has done nothing to alleviate the situation but done everything to keep things like they are. What a contrast to how the employees of the UN live here in Vienna, with their inflated, tax-free salaries for doing nothing but pushing paper and showing nice manners.

I was born as a Palestinian refugee. When I was six years old, my mother registered my name in the UNRWA school, a school which was far away from our house. She said that I could not go to the nearest school, which my friends from my neighborhood were attending. She said that I was a refugee and I had to go the UNRWA school, where the Palestinian refugees sent their children.

I cried and I told her I wanted to be with my friends in the same school. She told me that my father was a poor person and could not pay the tuition fees for a normal school.

During the first week of my attendance at the UN School, the teacher ordered us to pay some money. I told her: “My mother said that the UNRWA school does not take money from the students”. Because of this, the teacher told me to raise my fingers, and that I should get permission from her before talking. She beat me on each hand with the long stick, and asked me for my name.
I answered her while I was crying:
“My name is Kawther Salam”.
Are you a refugee or a Hebronite citizen?
“I am a Hebronite.”
Salam Al-Natsheh or Salam Abu Seneneh ? (There are two branches of a Hebronite Salam family, not related to us)
“I don’t know !“

The teacher shouted at me to stop crying or she would beat me again. She said “So you are a refugee. Go and ask your father about the name of his town ! Ask him to give you 10 Quroosh too !“ - about 15 cents at that time - “and bring us your refugee card.”

On my return home I didn’t eat. I went to bed. I was thinking about the questions of my teacher, and why she had beaten me.
What did she mean when she asked me if I was a refugee or a Hebronite citizen?
What kind of card had my teacher asked me to bring her?
My father should answer these questions I told myself, but he was still not at home.
Should I ask my mother? No. Why not? Or perhaps I should ask her.

Crunchy beetles in the lentils from the UNRWA (pic source)

When I arrives home, my mother was busy cooking lentils, as always. Why I should eat them? I hate lentils to this day. They were full of small stones and bugs. The small black bugs were crunchy like potato chips, and I stopped eating them once I understood what they were. I went to my mother. Before I could open my mouth she asked me what it was with me. Had the boys of my class beaten me ?

I answered “No, but the teacher wants our UNRWA card and 10 Quroosh.” My mother jumped in astonishment, she asked me why they wanted our supplies card. “No, I will not give you this card. We need to eat, lentils and bread”, she said.

I said: “I hate eating these lentils, they are disgusting.” My mother became angry: “So ask your father to bring us better food which you will like to eat too !”

My father returned home that night. My mother had the white card in her hand. I always see this card with my mother. She cared about this white card more than about us. It was the UNRWA card, the refugee card. She always hid it in a safe place, between her clothes, in the small wooden box. At the end of the month, my mother took out this card and went somewhere in the city where a crowd of thousands of people holding the same white card gathered, waiting.

That was the truth. This white card was the supplies card from the UNRWA, which gave us the the right to receive a montly ration of rotten and otherwise spoilt food: the lentils which I detested so much mixed with stones and small insects, flour full of worms, broken rice mixed with starch stones, worms and tiny black bugs, yellow sugar, bean, rotten dried fish full of insect eggs and dead maggots, decomposed butter which my mother had to boil twice, salt and mix with spices so it was possible to eat it at all, the bags of dry milk two years over their expiration date, the strange soap which made lice appear two days after using it, the blankets which had a penetrating chemical smell which would not go away even after washing them several times …

My mother had to spend two weeks after we received this kind of “relief” from the UNRWA office working to make it edible. She had to take out the worms, the stones, the garbage and the insects from this “International HUMANITARIAN RELIEF”, before she could store it until the next time she went to the UN for more of the same.

This was the only relief which all the Palestinians refugees received who were supplied by the UNRWA , after the Arabs and Europe brought us the disaster of “Al-Naqbah”, the “Independence” of the Jewish State.

I will never forget this white card and the U.N. “relief”.
I will never forget the worms, the small black bugs and the insect eggs in the UNRWA “relief” for the refugees.
I will also never forget how they spread DDT on our heads at the UNRWA elementary school. The head mistress of our school said that the DDT was for prevention from lice. I had no lice. The smell of the yellow powder stayed for over two weeks on me. One of the older girls from the school died after the DDT was put on her head for the second consecutive year.

When I was in the UNRWA school near the old hospital in Hebron an old man called Abu Subhi had to come during the 15 minutes break to take us to UNRWA restaurant which was on Wadi Al-Toffah street. This man was very fat. He had long whip. While he was walking us down the hill and over King Faisal Street, Abu Subhi would beat us on our legs all the long way until we arrived the restaurant. At this UN restaurant they were giving us food which not even the dogs accepted to eat.

When I finished the elementary UNRWA School and was transferred to the preparatory UNRWA school of Wadi Al-Tofah. The director of the school was Miss Raia. In this school the teachers usually beat us in a horrible way. I remember the geography and history teacher, Naama, from the Al-Arroub refugee camp. She had a big wooden stick which she used to beat us on the backs of our hands. She gave us private work, "hand work", to do for her mother. This teacher taught me to hate the subjects of geography and history. Our teacher of Arabic at the same school was a man called Muhammad Tawfiq from Suer. He once held a chair over the head of my colleague, Nisreen. Our science teacher was Maha, and she behaved like a jailer, she always held a cane and would beat us over 8 times on one hand. During my the attendance of UNRWA schools, both elementary and preparatory in Hebron, I and my classmates were tortured like prisoners, insulted continuously, our teacher used to refer to us as donkeys, goats, animals, shameless girls, ...

Also, the teachers detailed two girls to clean their classroom for two weeks, We had to raise the 30 heavy banks made of wood and metal frames to clean under them, each thursday we had to wash the classroom with water. The woman supposedly in charge of cleaning the school (and who was paid to do so) was a friend of the headmistress, she brought the teachers and the headmistress food and did some private things for them.

When I became a journalist in 1982, I visited the UNRWA offices in Hebron and Jerusalem; I investigated the scandal of supplying the refugees with unveiled flour and powder milk.

I still remember the director of the UNRWA office in Hebron Mr. Hosni Shahwan, who answered my questions. I also remember Dr. Muhammad Uodeh who answered my questions related to UNRWA medical treatment. All the patients of the UNRWA clink were receiving the same kind of medicine and tablets. It’s not more than three or four kinds of tablets for all kind of sickness, sometimes these tablets were invalid.

I hope that the situation has changed at the UNRWA schools at Palestine and I hope the Human relief in a better situation now. According to recent information, the UNRWA has limited their relief in the sector of the medical treatment, education, and the humanitarian relief. People now get supplies once each four months. I hope that the UNRWA is now supplying the Palestinians with food supplies which are in good state.

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I found Chickens while looking for Justice

An intrepid human-rights layer in action, as seen on TV. Isn't he smart ? (pic source)

Last Tuesday, November 14, I wrote a polite email to a human rights organization and a lawyer company in the USA which uses the slogan "We uphold civil and human rights in the U.S. and worldwide" on their website, asking if they would represent me in court in order to sue the Government of Israel for, succintly, redress of damages. I had found them because they, together with the ACLU, filed a complaint against Donald Rumsfeld for his role in the atrocities taking place in Iraq. Usually emails are answered within one or two workdays, but I have not (yet) received an acknowledgement of my email from either organization. I would have accepted a "No interest" from either organization. But no answer at all ? Did I scare them ? Or is it just that I, as a Palestinian, am excluded from seeking redress for human rights abuses perpetrated against me ?

Before this, last year, I wrote the to the ICJ in The Hague to ask about the possibility of presenting my case with them. They expressed scant interest. In their answer, they said there was no guarantee that they would even admit the case in their court.

Back in Israel, the same thing happened. I tried often to bring my complaints before the Israeli courts, with no success. The only lawyer who did some serious work on my behalf, Lea Tsemel, told me that the files "had been closed", and that "everything is political at this time". In the police stations, of course, the officers were busy speaking with their girlfriends on the phone while I tried to find out anything about the lodged complaints. I had another - expensive - lawyer who limited his efforts to taking my money and writing two or three letters. My contact with several Israeli human rights organizations were no different. They seemed to only be interested in my cases until I signed that they had taken over my case. After signing such a statement I would never again hear from them; I think in retrospect that signing up lots of "cases" guaranteed a flow of subventions coming to these organizations and a good life for a few people within those organizations. I said as much in a conference in Istanbul in 2001. Some of the "human rigths" organizations I remember were "Hamokid for Protecting the Individual", "Association for the civil rights in Israel", "Jerusalem Center for the Law", "ACRI - Association for the civil rights in Israel" which seem to not exist anymore, at least not under those names. Of the many "human rights" organizations and initiatives I had contact with, only the "Alternative Information Center" exists.

There were also decent individuals and organizations who helped me along the way, but the questions remains: Where is the respect for the International Laws ? Why does it look like only certain people have acces to Justice ? Where is Justice ? Is there any Justice at all ?

A human rights NGO complaining on TV. Note how concerned they look. (pic source)

I am still looking for a way to seek redress in my case before a court of Justice. I have posted a solicitation here.

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IDF loots $200.000 from private households in Beit Hanoun

From left: Yoav Gallant, commander of the IDF southern command, Dan Halutz, Ehud Olmert.
Are they planning the November 8 "accident" of Beit Hanoun ?
(pic credit: dpa)

(Here is what happened while they were stealing)

Judging from below report from a press conference of the mayor of Beit Hanoun, the "soldiers" of the Givati criminal rabble were not content with murdering and injuring hundreds of people, destroying property valued at millions of dollars, destroying the livelihood of a whole city during their so-called "Autumn Clouds" operation, but they also had time to steal cellphones, gold (which is the most widely used form of saving in Palestine) and other private property from the homes of impoverished people who are already under a genocidal regime of starvation. It is obvious that these Israeli Jews from the Givaty Unit did not steal because they are hungry, but that they stole because they are thieves.

The Mayor of Beit Hanoun, Muhammad Nazek Al-Kafarneh, said during a press conference he held after the recent massacre, that the Israeli soldiers participating in the so-called “Autumn Clouds” operation in the city used the ocassion to steal Palestinian property: money, gold, cellphones and other valuables.

- The total value of things stolen from private persons and households amounts to over 200,000 dollars.

The mayor also enumerated the loss and damages which the Israeli terrorists caused in the city of Beit Hanoun:
- The loss due to damages to water equipment is 350,000 dollars.
- The loss due to damages to the infrastructure for processing wasted water is 450,000 dollars.
- The loss due to damage and destruction of Palestinian houses amounts to 2,5 million dollars.
- The loss due to damages to road infrastructure amounts to 3,5 million dollars.
- The loss due to damages to the public gardens and the children gardens amounts to 200,000 dollars.
- The loss and the damages of the electricity net are 2,5 million dollars.
- The losses to the economy of the city amounts to one million dollars.
- The loss due to damages to the communication net amounts to 1,5 million dollars.
- The loss due to damages to public property amounts to 1,5 million dollar.

The mayor said that the Israeli terrorists destroyed 25 public facilities of the city, and other 25 facilities were damaged partially. He gives the amount lost due to these damages as half a million dollars.

Further, mayor Al-Kafarneh said that 40 shops were destroyed completely; the loss due to the destruction of these shops is 200.000 dollars.

The losses of the city in the sectors of agriculture and health are not counted among the losses given above.

A soldier and an officer of the IDF, preparing for the "Autumn Clouds" operation. Any information
such as exact ID, unit, nationality ... of these two soldiers for eventual future indictment and
prosecution as war criminals will be greatly appreciated.

(pic credit: arab newspapers)

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US Officers planned the Beit Hanoun Massacre

If you find the images in this article revolting, like me, think of the following: people everywhere in Palestine see such images on a daily basis not as pictures but live and anywhere they go, and that this genocide is supported equally by ALL western countries, the EU and the UN. If you live in any "western" country, your taxes are very probably financing what you see here. Speak with your politicians if you do not like what you see. When the the psychopaths and moral degenerates who commit these acts with the help of your governments stop commiting them, I (and others) will stop publishing these images.

A Dead family from Beit Hanoun on their last way.

I have been busy with the problems related to my exile for a long time. Since the criminal State of Israel denied me the right to work as a journalist in my homeland Palestine and forced me to flee to Europe, many problems appeared in my life. I often ask myself why the U.S.A does not stop donating to Israel the bombs which they use against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. What, ever, have we done to the USA ?

Why did the U.S.A send military detachments to Israel after the Israeli lost the war in the south of Lebanon? The Israeli military radio, "Tsahal Radio" announced these news. They said that the American detachment of officers had arrived in Israel to take part in the "Autumn Clouds" operation in Gaza, that they helped the Israeli military to perform their "killing duties" without any loss. American officers were involved in the last Beit Hanoun massacre, in which in one incident 20 Palestinians were killed, at least 60 innocent children, old men and women were injured.

Israel had to defend themselves from her, so they did this.

The question poses itself, why is the political discourse of the European countries still fixated on the crimes against the Jews over 60 years ago, all the while allowing and even supporting the perpetration of the big disaster which befalls my homeland Palestine? Why do all European politicians keep silence about all the crimes which the Israeli perpetrates in Palestine ?

Are they scared that the Jews will return to Europe, or are they themselves involve in these crimes? Is it logical that the European countries signed the convention against Genocide, and then they impose a siege against the Palestinian and create conditions for real starvation for another nation in another land ?

Why does the international media impose a veil of silence over what is happening in Palestine, the concentration camps which are Gaza and the West Bank? Never anything comes out in the media, the TV, the newspapers. The media only relates minor incidents, or, in a hugely inflated manner, when something small happens against the Israeli occupation terrorists. As far as I am concerned, all the western media is complicit in this genocide.

They had to amputate both his legs because of an "error".

Since the Palestinian resistance captured the Israeli-French criminal, "soldier" Gilad Shalit on June 25, the Israeli criminals have been slaughtering Palestinians everywhere in Gaza. Since then 396 Palestinians have been killed, 4600 Palestinian have been injured according to the Palestinian statistics which published in the newspapers, among them 1700 child. 940 Palestinians among these injured are permanently disabled, 135 lost organs of their bodies, 54 of these Palestinians suffered third degree burns.

The Israeli criminal State is using new, forbidden weapons. Nobody knows what they are. These weapons inflicts vicious wounds which will burst into flames when exposed to air even after the initial infliction. Israel also uses Uranium shells in Gaza, this is a war crime.

Palestinian Dr. Joma’a Sakka’a said that the bodies of dead Palestinian victims which reach the Al-Shifa Hospital desintegrate into crumbles and liquid. The organs inside the bodies of the victims are totally burnt and carry small pieces of metal which can’t even be seen under the X-ray, also, a white powder covers the internal organs of the victim’s bodies. The Doctor said when we try to open the injuries, they do not see the splinters which had inflicted the wounds, and could not identify the damaged area even after opening the bodies. The doctors said that the injuries must be inflicted by a new, unknown weapon as they had not seen injuries like that before. These are serious injuries which leave the victims shredded and covered with burns. Even in cases when the doctors medicate them successfully, the victims die after a couple of days for unknown reasons.

Leg injuries inflicted by new Israeli weapons. The flesh is apparently
burnt and desintegrates into crumbles and liquids.

The results of the sample of the injuries which the Palestinians sent to Parma University in Italy shows that the weapon which was used against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza included a very high percent of Carbon, and also copper and other metals. This kind of weapon has been tentatively identified as a multiple explosion carbon missile (DIME) which has been developed in the U.S.A.

The Beit Hanoun massacre, a day of bloody clouds.

On November 1, 2006, the number of the Palestinians who were killed in Gaza during the "Autumn Clouds" Israeli military terror operation reached 86, and at least 265 were injured. This happened before the criminals of the Israeli State perpetrated the now generally known massacre in Beit Hanoun.

The morning of November 8, 2006, Israeli tanks shelled Palestinians in their homes in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun. They fired eleven shells into six homes, killing at least 20 Palestinians, wounding some 60 more. The Irony is that this attack comes a day after Israeli troops pulled out of the town after a week-long offensive in which dozens of Palestinian died, and hundreds were injured.

There used to be a house here. Now only a pool of blood remains.

A person from Gaza, who also sent me most of the pictures of this article, posted this on that day:

"it has been the 7th day of the israeli aggression against citizens in gaza strip town of Bieth Hanoon, till this moment they have killed more than 90 citizen withen those 7 days what is most important about this, is the kind of strange weapons used in the attack, these bombs explode in a strange way to make fatal damage of human body, cuts abd burns more than any bomb we have ever experienced ... so this is why the number of kills is very high till now, and for the most important that even the wonded, thay almost have no hope to cure, as the damage that happens to their bodys .. the Palestinian Health ministray believes that some nuclear radiations might be contented in these weapons , as they can not really understand what is going on till now. as i said more than 90 were killed and more than 500 wonded, tens in danger ... and more than 100 handdicapped as the type of weapons they use ..

the israelis destroyed many houses, and they killed many trees in simple words a New Jenin Camp if you remember what happened in Jenen, they destroyed roads, electricity and water nets.. in simple words what happened was a n earth quack, during searching some houses they stole what they found, some cellphones and PCs and gold what is happpening now that they israelis partially withdrawn from Beith Hanoon, but not completely as some media say, for that more than 9 were killed yesterday morning by israeli snipers, or air raids and the army still ocuupying and having terrorist militant activities against civils which caused tonight some thing that happened which might be good to consider here, is an israeli aristrike against the house of Jamila AL-Shanty, the member of the Palestinian Legaslative Council which caused the death of her sister and her sister's husband and an other passer about the school bus it happened the day before, they shot the female teacher insidet he bus in front of little kids about 4 and 5 years old , imagine how would they grow up ?

today there has been aggression using arsenal, the israeli arsenal killed more than 20 civilians as they bombed houses over the heads of the inhabitants, so many kids and women were killed or injured this morning..."

Each time I read about the criminal Israeli operation in Gaza, seeing the increase in the number of the civilian victims, I swallowed my pain and closed the computer. Until that evening, a day after the Beit Hanoun massacre, when I saw a group of Jews lead a demonstration against an Austrian rightist group which has its office near my house.

Zionists protesting against "fascism" and "anti-semitism" in Vienna. What do these
deluded people think that zionism is, if not fascism and anti-semitism ?

Suddenly the questions started coming:
- Who are the real Nazis: the war criminals in Israel, or these Austrians who use that basement office as a place of reunion in excercise of their rights under Austrian law ?
- What, ever, did these Austrians do to anybody ? Hold political opinions which are not popular ? And for this they are terrorized and insulted as Nazis on a regular basis ?

How can it be that such a criminal nation has the gut to complain about the deplorable things which befell them in the past, while they are perpetrating massacres and crimes on a daily basis, often worse than the most extreme crimes attributed to the Nazis, against the civilians of another nation, namely the Palestinian population jailed in Gaza and the West Bank ? Have they no decency ?

The face and head of this person was melted away by the new
American weapons which Israel is using.

Is the State of Israel, which commits war crimes every day, preparing the innocent civilian Jews for another Holocaust? I would not wish something like that to happen again, but it could happen as a reaction to the crimes they commit. The Israeli practices in Gaza and the West Bank is indescribable. The daily crimes of Israel in Palestine are uncountable. Their hateful and shameless incitements against the Arab world increase day after day …

In Beit Hanoun, some of the shells landed on a home, killing 11 members of one family called Al-'Athamneh, including a 9-year-old child and a 73-year-old woman. The other shells landed on other five homes at Hamad Street in Beit Hanoun. Other victims were from the Al-Kafarneh family. Muhammad Athamneh described the massacre to Palestinian newspaper Hayat Al-Jadidah. He said that the killed were children, women, and old men, that they had killed his mother, sister, uncle and his six sons, and four sons of his second uncle. Who believes that?

This boy was sleeping, so they killed him like this.

Athamneh said that it was 5:30 at the morning, everybody were sleeping, when they heared the very strong blast of the first explosion which landed at his cousins house, followed by screaming and crying. He ran out, found his relatives, old and young men running in the streets, escaping from the shelling and looking for protection in other places, but that this did not help them to escape from the Israeli shelling. The "Autumn Clouds" rained missiles on their heads. They all were killed on the roads. The whole place was converted into a collective grave.

Athamneh was shocked, he did not know how to save the life of his family and relatives, everybody was bleeding and the floor was covered by a big pool of blood! He saw the horrible death in front of his eyes. His cousin’s wife died with her two children while he was screaming and seeking the Ambulance. Nobody was able to come near under the heavy, blind shelling killing everybody moving in the area. The sky rained blood that day.

He was probably running away, so they shot him thru the head.

Today Saturday, the US, who said in advance that Israel has the right to defend itself and gave the Palestinian resistance the responsibility for the massacre, vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution condemning an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip that killed 20 Palestinian civilians and injured more 60. The disgusting American Psychopath Bolton described the text as "unbalanced" and "biased against Israel and politically motivated". Does anyone wonder why the Palestinian resistance is shooting missiles toward Israel, which by the way never really reach anything ?

The reason is simple: the big concentration camp which is Gaza, where a million and a half people are caged, impoverished and hungry, and where almost all civilian infrastructure has been left in ruins by Israel. The increased poverty and real hunger which the Palestinians suffer in their reclusion, the shortage of food for the children, the damaged infrastructure which the occupation left behind, the closed entrances of the city, the daily killings and destruction - including the bombing of the power station - in Gaza, these reasons are enough for anyone to fight against the Genocide and look for a better life to live.

Does anyone wonder how much the face of the Israeli occupation is bloody, ugly and inhuman ? Does anybody wonder how much the American leaders are criminals in their support to Israel ? When will the world give Israel a firm ultimatum to stop the occupation, the genocide which has been going on for about 60 years now ?

Carrying babies to their graves in Beit Hanoun. They died because
western politicians are cowards and racists under the heel of the zionists.

Seeking International Military Forces in Palestine:
Why did the European politicians not adopt the request of the Palestinians, who asked for European military forces to be sent to Palestine to protect them and the infrastructure from the Israeli crimes ? We are really seeking International military forces to stop the bloody crimes against Palestine, to make a halfways normal life possible.

The Palestinians Authority does not really exist any more, Abbas and the people around him don’t have even the power to protect their underpants. The Palestinian civilians lost their trust to the P.A. long time ago, when it became evident that they are a bunch of corrupt, sold-out traitors. The Palestinian civilians are seeking protection against the jewish criminals, and they will be thankful for anybody who will stop the crimes commited against them. Please, send military forces to stop the Israeli rampage in Gaza and the West Bank.

Part of the images here come from the Al-Ittihad newspaper, part of them were submitted by somebody from Beit Hanoun who lost seven friends and relatives during this last Israeli rampage. His only comment was "that's life", because he knows, as all those who live in Gaza, that his life is worth nothing.

This child was not yet born when it was shot by
an anonymous soldier for zionism.

Shoutwire apparently removed this story from their feed.

The saga continues here.

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